Flavor Teller – Street Food Tours

Introducing, Flavor Teller – quite possibly Mazatlan’s first street food tour.

By Sheila Madsen [January 30, 2017]

If you have always wanted to taste the real flavors of Mazatlan street cuisine – but were concerned about possible health issues – then Flavor Teller, Maaike Hoekstra has a food tour for you. In fact, she has two. Maaike has spent ten years researching all the great and safe food stands and is now ready to connect you to the people who create culinary magic.

As she says, “real food, real stories, real people”. Maaike has carefully planned and tested a three to four hour food tour where you’ll not only experience wonderful new tastes but she’ll tell you about the history of the back streets, and the culture of Mazatlan. It’s the perfect marriage of food, history and culture. “I’ll take you to the best hidden gems in Mazatlan…you’ll visit families keeping Mexican traditions alive. Along the way I’ll entertain you with stories and insights into Mazatlan’s culture and history.”

maaik pixThis is not promotional fluff copy; I’ve been on the Flavor Teller tour with five others for the inauguration; we all learned fascinating new facts and sampled food that we never would have tried. At the end of the tour everyone commented “it’s about time Mazatlan has a food tour…this will be perfect for cruise ship passengers… ideal for my cousin who’s staying a week… it’s something different and I’ve never known which food carts to trust…” Maaike had thoughtfully brought on board the red truck/auriga a large cooler that was filled with bottled water and ice. Many of us bought fresh crab, shrimp, and smoked marlin at the different stands and were grateful to be able to store it on ice. You really can count on Maaike to track down the freshest street food.

There are two tours: Barrio Bites Tour – a guided tour through Mazatlan’s oldest neighbourhoods with seven mouthwatering stops; Mercado & More Tour – spend a morning meandering through the Pino Suarez mercado satisfying your curiosity and appetite; To choose your tour and to book, you’ll find all the details here.

The Flavor Teller speaks English, Spanish and Dutch. Maaike has lived in Mazatlan’s Centro Historico for 12 years, she’s married to a Mexican and they have two teenagers. She also writes for MazatlanLife [see her restaurant reviews and her entire section on Child’s Play and since 2005 she has sung in the local Angela Peralta opera choir. Maaike is professional and passionate about food – she’s fun too! With Flavor Teller you’re guaranteed to taste and experience a different side of Mazatlan.

From TripAdvisor, June 2018 – and there are 117 more. “If you are visiting Mazatlan and love food, this is a must do tour. Maaike knows the city and the local food extremely well. She took us to locations we would never have visited without having an expert to guide us. Maaike was able to show us the diversity of the local food and even made a stop at the only micro brewery in Mazatlan. I have done other tours in Mazatlan in the past, but this was by far the best! The others are not even a close second.” ♦ “I won’t repeat what the other reviewers are all saying, except that this is really a special experience. I went recently with my wife and two teen age daughters. We love Mexico (especially Mazatlan) and particularly appreciate getting a feel for the local culture and people. We’ve never been too adventurous about the food unfortunately due to fears of illness or just stumbling into the wrong place at the wrong time. Maaike erased those fears with her expertise, organization and warmth. This is clearly a labor of love for her: not just a business. You won’t need to stretch too far: no fish heads or fried scorpions on this tour! All are foods most American palates can handle, just lovingly and expertly prepared with new twists. (Never tried Stingray soup? you should) The locations are equally fascinating and while you won’t confuse them with Denny’s, you’ll never feel threatened or unwelcome. Do yourself a favor and give this a go.”