What’s in Angela Peralta’s suitcase?

The world premier of the new opera ‘La paloma y el ruiseñor’
Angela Peralta Theater, November 14, & 15,2014

 The American composer Roger Bourland, has written an opera about the soprano’s last days in Mazatlan.
Have a listen to Roger’s dramatic plot outline.

It’s been 131 years since the soprano Angela Peralta graced the stage of the theatre that was named after her. Her bustle, corsets, hoops and shoulder length kid gloves have gone the way of yellow fever. Bonnets, boots and bathing dresses have been replaced with straw hats, flips flops and bikinis. I’m sure during the humid August days of 1883 as Angela lay dying of yellow fever in Mazatlan, the soprano was longing to shed her wooly garments but did not dare. However, she did dare to have dangerous liaisons with her lover lawyer, Julián Montiel Duarte.

How will the creators of this new opera ‘the dove and the nightingale’, cast and stage it? Modern backdrops of Mazatlan, modern costumes, or will it be a blast to the past? Who will play the lead soprano? Perhaps the immensely popular (and award winning) Mazatleca soprano Penélope Luna? Who will play Rosa, the long-suffering wife of Julián who has some mind blowing solos? Then there’s the lead tenor role of Julián; just imagine this casting call with so much local talent. Stay on this page to find out what’s in Angela’s suitcase. Bustle or bikini?

[vimeo url="https://vimeo.com/79749497" width="500" height="280" responsive="no"]
The casting call for the world premier opera, ‘La Paloma y el ruiseñor’, is completed. The conductor and the composer are in an audition mode. All lead roles are still a secret.

The Creators

[row][column size="1/4"]roger1 What’s in Angela Peralta’s suitcase?

Roger Bourland
The composer[/column]

[column size="1/4"]

bw mitchell e1380137857985 What’s in Angela Peralta’s suitcase?

Mitchell Morris
The librettist

[/column][column size="1/4"]

Placido Domingo Jr What’s in Angela Peralta’s suitcase?Plácido Domingo Jr.
Spanish adaptation

[/column] [column size="1/4"]Raul Rico e1380138288167 What’s in Angela Peralta’s suitcase?

Raúl Rico González
Director of Cultura
Dirección General


 The Leading Roles

[row][column size="1/4"]questionmark What’s in Angela Peralta’s suitcase?

The Soprano,
Angela Peralta[/column]

[column size="1/4"]

questionmark What’s in Angela Peralta’s suitcase?

part of the love triangle

[/column][column size="1/4"]questionmark What’s in Angela Peralta’s suitcase?

Julián Montiel Duarte,
the lover

[/column] [column size="1/4"]

enrique1 What’s in Angela Peralta’s suitcase?

Enrique Patrón de Rueda,
The conductor


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