Purple Rain. Juan Deer. Margarita Ville. Orange Crush. What?

Karen’s golf carts to go

Purple Rain

By Sheila Madsen, December 2019

Karen Sloan arrived in Mazatlan from Washington State solo, retired and without a hobby. She was used to remodeling houses in the US, but that was not an option for her in Mazatlan.

Before Karen used her mechanical and creative skills.

Like so many other transplants, Karen fell in love with Mazatlan, fell in love with a man and settled in El Cid. This gated community is surrounded by golf carts so Karen got to thinking. What happens to old run-down golf carts? Where do they go to die?

The after, Orange Crush

Being a super active 72 year-old, she jumped on YouTube and learned how to remodel golf carts. Yes! How many women do you know that would have the guts and knowledge to do this? She identified a need to refurbish the carts and offer them for a small rental price to her friends in El Cid. Then a few people who did not live in El Cid wanted to buy them for their property, for their golf course.

Juan Deer

What a fabulous satisfying fun hobby. Karen is a grease monkey with a velvet glove – she loves to choose fabrics and colours and even names her carts. Gotta a love woman who lies on a garage floor with tools; her mind is always ticking away about how to make the golf cart mechanically sound, yet artistic. When you are in a Karen Kart, you are a somebody. If you live in El Cid and are interested in renting, or if you are in the mood to buy a Karen Kart you can reach her via e mail: karensloan11@gmail.com. Get ready to roll in a Margarita Ville cart!

Karen Sloan gets down and dirty with her carts.