Personal chef Paola Osuna

Nothing says luxury and relaxation like a personal chef – meet Paola Osuna

By Sheila Madsen, December 2019

Some people actually enjoy cooking and planning a menu for a dinner party at home. Then there are others, like me, who worry and wish I’d never invited anyone. I am a great planner but an awful cook and I make my self crazy with all the details that go into creating a smooth, effortless dinner party.

When I was working 14 hours a day in Toronto I could justify having a personal chef; she would drop off freshly made dinners, and I would freeze them. I would wade my way through frozen dirty snow banks on a cold dark winter night when it’s 20 below and nothing could be easier than to heat-up a home cooked meal, with a glass or two of wine. But when you are not working and the money isn’t rolling in, I should have all the time in the world in a warm welcoming climate to cook. Nope, it doesn’t change a thing, I still loath the entire process.

That’s why I was thrilled to hear about Paola Osuna and her personal chef services. Some of you may know her from her restaurant on Sixto Osuna, Delirium, or you may have taken her Tomatl cooking classes. Her experience and knowledge of authentic Mexican cuisine is deep and she’s graduated from various culinary schools – not to mention travelling all over Mexico, learning, tasting, trying and adding to her repertoire.

Here’s how Paola prefers to work: you have a meeting and tell her how many people [she will cook for three people or 20 people in your home], you’ll discuss the menu and if you have no ideas then Paola will give you several menu proposals. Paola shops, cooks and brings all the ingredients to your kitchen and plans the dinner from the second your guests arrive. This is a wonderful opportunity to share authentic Mexican cuisine – or perhaps together you create different flavours. Hint – at Delirium, Paola included delicious Asian and Indian dishes. She certainly knows her mole, but Paola is open to creating a menu – just for you. Breath, relax, enjoy your friends and leave the worrying to Paola.

[For personal chef services please contact: Paola Osuna. Phone: (52) 669 171 4800 email: or visit her website Paola also offers Mexican cooking classes on Mondays at 4 p.m. and Saturday at 10 a.m., both in her kitchen. “Indulge yourself for an in depth adventure to learn true ingredients, techniques, and the history behind traditional and contemporary Mexican food,” Tomatl also has two food tours – Tacos and Mezcal and a Pata Salada Tour, Paola will tell you all about those too.]