Watercolour classes for adults

If you missed the first series no problem! Call artist Luis Rochin [55 5435 7337] for another series of classes.

Meditative bilingual Watercolour Classes for Adults, by the popular and experienced Mazatleco artist Luis Rochin. Each class is $300 plus supplies; the class is from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Once you reserve, Luis will send you a list of required supplies. The classes take place in Centro in Rochin’s house,[his art space is called LL Espacio] Jesus Carranza #93, Cerro del Vigia, call to reserve or to ask questions via WhatsApp 55 5435 7337. Only five people per class. You can take one class or take them all. “I’ve always felt that the painting action, is a meditative act in its essence. All our attention lies on the surface of the paper where the brush touches. In painting, the learning comes from the experience of “carefully observing” the application of colour and its behavior.  During the month we will search for the correspondences between painting and meditation using the water colour technique. With a brief meditation at the beginning and end of each session, you will receive some instructions so that you can practice observing your minds while applying the colours on each exercise.”

1 Water as our vehicle, learning to transit it.

1.Gradients with a primary colour.

2.Gradients fused in two primary colours.

3. Gradients fuses in three primary colours.

4.Gradients and horizons.

2: Colour, chromatic harmony. What’s more beautiful?

Colour proximity.

  1. Constelation
  2. Supernova
  3. The Sun and the Moon
  4. Obscured day, lightened night

3: Volume, adding and subtracting.

  1. Butterfly and dragonfly
  2. Clouds
  3. Reflections
  4. Flowers

4: Transparencies and layers.

1. Landscapes

If you are unable to attend in February, or wish to put a group of friends together for a mediative watercolour class just call Luis and he’ll will try to arrange for a time that suits you and your friends. Reminder – only five per class!