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[The Angela Peralta is located on Carnaval, in the Plazuela , Centro. The box office is open Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. – 7 p.m. and on Saturdays from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. For many events expect to pay in pesos, not a credit card. It’s best to call ahead – 982 4446, press #103. Even if an event is free, either in the Angela Peralta or at Casa Haas, you must get a ticket from the box office. Tickets are non-refundable; if you wish to exchange your ticket for an upgrade, it has to be on the same day as you bought it.]

On now until Friday May 25: EPDM celebrates 20 years! Claudia Lavista and Victor Ruiz have not only been dancing and choreographing and touring with their wildly popular [and famous] Delfos dancers but they also run the school known as EPDM – Escuela Profesional de Danza de Mazatlan. No doubt over the years you have seen creative performances from both Delfos and the students from EPDM. EPDM has positioned itself as one of the leading dance centres of the country and has enriched Mazatlan’s cultural life over these 20 years. Students are gathering this week to reconnect, to laugh, to dance and to share their different visions. A very special guest is the famous Iranian music director and composer Shamou, and he’s playing a big role in all the performances. $120. [behind the scenes and not open to the public there will be 30 Master Classes, five conferences, and five roundtable discussions which include art critics Rosario Manzanos, Patricia Cardona, Javier Contreras as well as Cauhtémoc Nájera, the National DancE Co-ordinator of Mexico’s National Fine Arts Institute [INBA].  You see, Delfos and EPDM students never stop learning or creating.]

Monday May 21: Performances by Péndulo Certo, Flores Teatro Danza, Victor Rojas, Páhari Mosca, Kenia Navarro, Tranzae, Francisco Herrejón and Danza Joven de Sinaloa. 8 p.m. $120

Tuesday May 22: Performances by Lux Boreal, Jordan Klitzke, Gatonegro, Román Guerrero,/ La Oveja Negra-Artes Escénicas and Néismal Avila. 8 p.m., $120

Wednesday May 23: Performances byFernando Bustos, Lux Boreal, Natalia Vázqyezm Beatriz Dávila, Sergio Zepeda and Paola Madrid/SORTA.  8 p.m. $120

Thursday May 24: Performances by Oswaldo Gómez, Miguel Pérez, Don Cañalero, Paola Ryes/La Oveja Negra-Artes Escénicas,  Briseida López and Daniel Marin 8 p.m., $120

Friday May 25: Final presentation with a selection of all the dances from current EPDM students. 8 p.m. , $120

Saturday May 26: Los sonidos del Siglo XX/the sounds of the 20th century. Camerata Mazatlan will perform pieces from Gustav Holst, Peter Warlock, William Walton and Antonin Dvorak – all under the direction of Maestro Percival Alvarez. “The Camerata has prepared an acoustical arsenal to surprise the public!” $100-$220, 8 p.m.

Friday June 8: Mexico Baila: Ballet Folkorico de Cultura with director Javier Arcadia along with the musical group Sangre Latina have two performances – 5 p.m. and 8 p.m., $150.

Friday June 15 and Saturday June 16: La bella durmiente/Sleeping Beauty ballet. Maestra Zoila Fernández will be directing 112 ballerinas from the ballet school – Escuela de Ballet Clásico del Instituto de Cultura de Mazatlan – for this classical and beloved ballet. Maestro Percival Alvarez will be conducting the Camerata Mazatlan. A portion of this ballet was presented in 2014, but in this performance the complete work will be performed with new costumes and spectacular scenery. $100 – $200, 8 p.m.

Saturday July 7: Graduation dance of the XVII EPDM Dancers: gratuates of EPDM – Escuel Profesional de Danza de Mazatlan, under the direction of Claudia Lavista and Victor Ruiz always perform creative vignettes. Students from EPDM have won the National Dance Prize twice. $100, 8 p.m.

Saturday July 14: Cuatro sinaloenses de cuidado/four Sinaloans to be careful of. Get ready! What a line up: tenor Carlos Osuna; baritone José Adán Pérez; tenor José Manuel Chú and pianist Joel Juan Qui. The program will featuring everything from Nessun Dorma to Funiculi Funicula and of course much, much more, “music from around the world.” $180 – $350, 8 p.m.

~Around Town~

The CMA is the Centro Municipal de las Artes, the school beside the Angela Peralta Theatre. There are three inside spaces: Foro Experimental, Museo de la Música and the small movie theatre, Cinematógrafo, (seats about 50). Casa Haas is located on the corner of Heriberto Frias and Mariano Escobedo – all tickets for all events, even if they are free, must be obtained at the Angela Peralta box office. The Antonio Haas Theatre is located on the Avenida del Mar, across from the Fisherman’s Monument; it’s often referred to as the IMSS theatre and has its own box office.

Thursday May 24: Art exhibit from the students of Escuela de Arte, Imaginario, Galeria Angela Peralta, 7 p.m, free, everyone is welcome.

Thursday May 24: Enter into the land of Oz by Edgar Ponce. This exciting and extravagant event will take place in “Bosque de la ciudad”- our city forest/park behind the aquarium. Nothing like this has ever been done before in our park. If you are not familiar with Edgar Ponce, he’s a local haute couture designer who is famous for making exotic gowns for quinceañeras, brides and many red carpet events. The models are local young women. Your $400 ticket will include bite-size appetizers [degustación], music, entertainment and a fabulous fashion show – extravagant doesn’t begin to describe it! The event is under the umbrella theme of The Wizard of Oz and best part is that this is a fundraiser for people in need where all the proceeds from the ticket sales will go to varies charities through DIF – the government institution headed by the mayor’s wife, to ensure transparency. Not only will you see unique things revealed behind the curtain but it’s a great opportunity to mingle with locals. Oz starts at 8:30 p.m. and tickets are on sale at Reasons Salon [Sábalo Cerritos #2205, 990 1818, closed Sundays, the salon opens at 9 a.m. ] There are 19 sponsors behind Oz, so it’s bound to be fun and elegant – truly a fashion show with a cause.  #To the Oz.

Friday May 25: Artist Carlos Loaiza’s exhibit, Cristomorfosis, @ Museo de Arte, in the Galeria Antonio López Saenz Salon, 7 p.m, AND artist Cy Rendón’s exhibit, Medidas de lo Posible, in the Galeria Roberto Pérez Rubio Salon 7 p,m. also – both free, everyone is welcome

Saturday May 26 and Sunday May 27: Encuentro Yoreme, Parque Cuidades Hermanas [ the new park at Zaragoza and the Malecon] from noon until 8 p.m., entry is free both days. Yoreme is the pre-Hispanic word for “pure native”, really meaning a gathering of the tribes. This festival has been dormant for 12 years and Sinalaoa Cultura [ISIC] has revived and brought it back – it will be in Mazatlan for these two days, then travelling to Los Mochis and Culiacan. The program on Saturday: noon, inauguration with various crafts, traditional food, traditional medicines and photographs from around Sinaloa; 1 p.m. – video projection [in Spanish] explaining Yoreme and all it has to offer; 4 p.m.- book presentation [in Spanish] by Rubén Rivera; 5 p.m. – a demonstration of the ancient game, Ulama; 6 p.m. – dance and music performance from the tribe Mayos; 7 p.m. – music and dance performance from the tribe Tepehuanes [Durango]; 8 p.m.: – music and dance performance from the tribe Piaroas. Sunday’s program is almost a replica of Saturday’s with the following exceptions: 4 p.m. is a conference [in Spanish] by Enrique Servin; 5 p.m. – video projection [in Spanish] explaining Yoreme and all it has to offer; 6 p.m. – a demonstration of the ancient game, Ulama; 7 p.m.- music and dance performances from the tribe Seris [Sonora]; 8 p.m.- music and dance performances by the tribe Rarámuris [Chihuahua].

Sunday May 27: Miedo come todo…Sueños al vuelo: dance [fear eats everything, dreams can fly] by the group Flores Teatro Danza. Casa Haas, $100, 1 p.m.

Tuesday May 29: Cecilia Sánchez Duarte’s art exhibit, Concepto…Objeto y ViceVersa, Galeria Rubio [street level beside the Angela Peralta,], 7 p.m, free, everyone is welcome. Cecilia is also the director of the Museo de Arte and if you wish to see more of her work and read a profile on her, please click here.

Thursday May 31: Sonidos de Mexico y España/Sounds of Mexico and Spain: Mezzo soprano Mariela Angulo was born and raised in Sinaloa and tonight she’ll be accompanied by Slovakian violinist Róbert Márkus and Mexican pianist, Rosa Maria Valdez. Mariela is described as a “dramatic mezzo soprano” and promises to perform the best music of Mexico and Spain. Casa Haas, $120, 7 p.m.

Thursday May 31: Manuel Rochin’s drama De Paso [for Spanish speakers] @ Museo de Arte, 8 p.m., $50

Friday June 1: Música en el Parque/music in the park, performers coming together to raise awareness for breast cancer: the park is Parque Ciudades Hermanas [Zaragoza and Paseo Claussen/Malecon] and it starts at 6:30 p.m. The line-up so far: The Pink Power Band, Orquesta Sinfónica y coro inftantil y Juvenil de Rosario, Roosterford, La Regadera Eléctrica, Delfos Danza Contemporánea, HStudio. [at this point no entry fee is mentioned.]

Friday June 1: A las flores de mi vida: concert, “to the flowers in my life” with the talented tenor Jorge Echeagaray and pianist Sergio Castellanos, Bryan Correa, guitar and Aldo Gutiérrez, percussion. Expect a romantic evening where Jorge pays tribute through love songs to all the “flowers” in his life. Casa Haas, $150, 8 p.m.

Saturday June 2: Sólo Boleros with Flor Estrada: Flor does it all from opera to Cole Porter, she’s a dynamo on stage. Through boleros she’ll explore the different genres [Spain, Cuba, Vietnam] of bolero music. Flor will bring back the golden age of the bolero when it was played on every radio, film and tv in Mexico. Casa Haas, $120, 7 p.m.

Saturday June 2: Oscar Gómez’s tribute to Camilo Sesto, Los Zarapes, 9 p.m. [dinner, show and tip, $220].

Thursday June 7: Art exhibit, Expresiones, Galeria Rubio, [street level, beside the Angela Peralta] 7 p.m.,free, everyone is welcome.

Friday June 8: Cada Cosa en su Lugar/Everything in its Place” : a play in Spanish where actor and teacher Giovani Amenta directs six actors – all students of the first year of the Theater Workshop of the School of Arts of Cultura. It’s a fun play about a entanglement between an experienced thief, a clueless housewife and a group of people who will make a simple robbery a difficult feat – a farce in other words! Casa Haas, $70, 7 p.m.

Saturday June 9: Dia de la Música! Cancelled last year due to all the street construction in Centro and it’s back and we can’t wait! It will be six hours of all kinds of music – jazz, flamenco, classic, pop, opera, rock, funk, banda, bolero, trova, reggae and salsa to name a few! Stages and invited musicians to be confirmed but it usually starts around 7 p.m. All free!

Thursday June 14: Art exhibit, Ecos y Espejos, Echos and Mirrors, Galeria Angela Peralta [upstairs], 7 p.m., free, everyone is welcome.

Friday June 29: Dios es un Bicho: for Spanish speakers only, [God is a Bug], actor and theatre director Giovani Armenta presents this drama. Casa Haas, 7 p.m., $70.

Friday July 13: Yuridia Desierto Tour 2018, Mazatlan International Center, 9 p.m. 669 989 6060, $500 – $1,800.

Carnaval 2019! Thursday February 28 – Tuesday March 5, 2019.

Friday March 29 and Saturday March 30: Mazatlan International Quilt Festival. The San Francisco Quilt Shop in Mazatlan is displaying over 300 quilts with the theme of The Magic of the Sea – and guest quilter Velda Newman from California. This special event takes place at El Cid Resort, and there will be classes, quilts for sale as well as art. Save the date, time tbc.



Mazatlan doesn’t have four seasons, it has two – the slow simmering summer season, moving into the high season which brings events and holidays such as: Day of the Dead, marathons, Christmas, Carnaval, Moto Week and Semana Santa/Easter. There are approximately 40 school and National holidays during the year which many Mazatlecos observe. The majority of them lead to”bridge holidays”/long weekends resulting in restaurants and bars that spontaneously close or open – always best to double check to avoid disappointment. All restaurants and bars are listed in The Directory, click here for address, opening hours and phone numbers – it’s fairly accurate! Or if you prefer, check out the venue’s FB page. Many of your groups are on The Bandstand, please click here to listen.

Mondays:  Rafael Rodriguez, (easy/mixed), Kelly’s Bar, Pueblo Bonito Emerald Bay, 7:00 p.m.(have a listen) Kannon [r ‘n r have a listen], GusGus GZ, 8:30 p.m.

Tuesdays: Brenster’s Beach Bash, [have a listen, or read Brenster’s profile where you can hear his original jingle]  returns on October 30th.] Rafael Rodriquez, [easy, have a listen], La Palapa at Hotel Torres, 6 p.m ♦ La magia del Sax, Sergio Avila,[have a listen and/or read his profile.] Emerald Bay, Pueblo Bonito, 6 p.m. for “steak” night Kraken, Diego’s, 6 p.m.  Rezaka [ r ‘n r], La Catrina, 7 p.m. Rob Lamonica’s Jazz Jam, La Bohemia, 7:00 p.m.  Kannon (r ‘n r, have a listen) GusGus GZ, 8:30 p.m.

Wednesdays: Marco & The Truth, Diego’s, 3 p.m.  Rafael Rodriquez [easy, have a listen], Hotel Torres’s La Palapa, 6 p.m La magia del Sax, Sergio Avila,[have a listen and/or read his profileTopolo, 6:30 p.m.  Mundo Sánchez, Kafe-Denda,[have a listen] 7 p.m. RIO – Rob Lamonica, Nacho [Ignacio Chavez] and Omar Rios,[have a listen] La Bohemia, 7 p.m.Tanya Twain, 28, 7 p.m. Smooth Jazz with Alexander, La Fábula, 8 p.m.  Kannon, GusGus GZ, 8:30 p.m. (r ‘n r, have a listen) Live music, often Malavista SC, Pedro y Lola, 8:30 p.m.  Live music, La Fonda de Chalio, 8:30 p.m KraKen, Diego’s, 9 p.m.

Thursdays: Noche de Karaoke, La Fábula, 6 p.m.  Wingin’ It [Rob Lamonica and Lori Davidson], Water’s Edge 8 p.m. Rafael Rodriquez [easy, have a listen], Kelly’s Bar at Pueblo Bonito Emerald Bay, 7 p.m. Chain Michael Blues, 28, 7 p.m. ♦ Alexander Halim’s sax, La Barra Gourmet, 7:30 p.m La magia del Sax, Sergio Avila,[ have a listen and/or read his profile.] Agatha’s, 8 p.m. Live music, Cheers The Pub, 8 p.m. KraKen, [r ‘n r mixed have a listen], Diego’s, 9 p.m. Roosterford [reggae have a listen] F.I.S.H., 9 p.m. Live music, La Fonda de Chalio, 9 p.m. Lo que Cantamos Las Mujeres [Heidi Herrera’s band], La Bohemia, 10:30 p.m.

Fridays:  Noche Mexicana,[ free Mexican fiesta show, mariachi, regional dancers, fireworks!] Aca Los Charros, 5 p.m  Live music, Cheers, 6 p.m.♦ Maricruz and Chava [romantic bilingual singers], El Rincón de Nasha, 6 p.m. ♦ Mundo Sanchez, Kafe-Denda, 6:30 p.m.Rafael Rodriquez [easy, have a listen], Kelly’s Bar, Pueblo Bonito Emerald Bay, 7 p.m  Wingin’ It, [Rob Lamonica and Lori Davidson, have a listen], La Fábula, 6:30 p.m. Chain Michael Blues, 28, 7 p.m. Alexander Halim’s sax, La Barra Gourmet, 7:30 p.m. KraKen Las Flores Hotel, 8:30 p.m.  Live music, La Fonda de Chalio, 8:30 p.m. Everardo Castro [classic Mexican ballads and pop], Los Zarapas, 9 p.m.  Malavista SC, La Fábula, 9 p.m.  Live music, Barracruda’s ♦ Live music, Coco’s, 9:30 p.m. Nissa Acustico Trio,[have a listen] Diego’s, 10 p.m. 

Saturdays: KraKen,[ r’nr, have a listen ] Diego’s Beach House, 4 p.m Patricio Salas [romantic bilingual singer], Restaurant El Rincón de Nasha, 6 p.m. Live music,  La Fábula,  6:30 p.m. ♦ Rafael Rodriquez, [easy, have a listen], Kelly’s Bar at Pueblo Bonito Emerald Bay, 7 p.m Tanya Twain, 28, 7 p.m.   Alexander Halim’s sax, La Bohemia, 7 p.m. Canto Altano (classical Mexican trio, trova, boleros), Casa Loma, 8 p.m KraKen,[have a listen] Las Flores Hotel,8:30 p.m.  Live music Hoy Toca Sport Bar, 9:30 p.m.

Sundays:.Kraken, La Tortuga, 2 p.m. – 6 p.m. Live music, Cheers, 6 p.m. Rafael Rodriquez, Heriberto Frias, between Gaia Bistrot and Casa Canobbio, 6 p.m. [have a listenReggae, Diego’s Beach House, 6 p.m. Live music,  Pedro & Lola, 6:30 p.m. Rootsterford, El Pata Latino, 7 p.m. ♦ Jazz and Blues, La Fábula, 7:30 p.m Live music La Fonda de Chalio, 8:30 p.m. Live music, 28/Veintiocho, 8:30 p.m.  KraKen [have a listen], Diego’s Beach House, 9 p.m.  Los Brownies, Hoy Toca Sport Bar, 9:30 p.m.


Angela Peralta Theatre Galleries: There are two galleries; the upstairs gallery above the theatre is referred to as the Galeria Angela Peralta and hosts revolving shows as does the downstairs in the gallery, Galeria Rubio. Open week days from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. but sometimes can be closed due to private events.

On Now: Trazos,  Manual V. Carlok “Versions”,Galeria Rubio, [street level, beside the Angela Peralta]. The show continues until May 24, followed on May 29 by Cecilia Sánchez Duarte’s, “Objeto y ViceVersa” until June 2.

On Now:  Poética de la tierra a Juan Rulfo: an art exhibit. Artist, Aliria Morales pays homage to the popular Mexican poet/writer and photographer Jaun Rulfo[ Juan Nepomuceno Carlos Pérez Rulfo Voizcaino, 1917-1986]. He is best known for two literary works, El Llano en llmas a collection of short stories and his novel Pedro Páramo. Galeria Angela Peralta [upstairs],  – the show continues until May 19.

Casa Etnika, Sixto Osuna #50, 136 0139, open Monday to Saturday from 10 a.m to 5 p.m. Filled with clothes, toys, handicrafts, original art, glass, jewellery, they have it all.

Centro Cultural Univeristario: it’s on Rosales, between Melchor Ocampo and Leandro Valle. A huge white building, with many rooms, patios and outdoor spaces. The famous Mazatleco artist, Antonio López Saenz has his own exhibit room there, filled with drawings, paintings and a few sculptures. It’s open to the public, Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and is part of the Universidad Autónoma de Sinaloa. It’s a little out of the way but the space and the views of the city are worth seeing as well as Antonio’s wonderful work.

Escarabajo Azul, Belisario Dominguez #1809, open from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. Closed Sundays. It’s an eclectic gallery with jewellery, and many works of art by the talented and quirky Agustin Castillo. Agustin represents other artists as well.

Galeria Baupres: HeribertoFrias #1506 – hours vary [maybe 10 a.m. -2 p.m. and then 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.] call 669 113 0941. ON NOW: Juan Carlos Vargas’s exhibit.

Gallery Uno: “discover the magic”, on Mariano Escobedo #405, between Athina Spa and Héctor’s Bistro. Opening hours are Tuesday to Saturdays from 11 a.m. until 7 p.m. – or by appointment with the owner, JonJuan at 669 120 0239.

Gandarva Bazar, Constitución #616, 136 0665, open Monday to Saturday at 10 a.m.

La Guerencia, Belisario Dominguez #1502B, 981 1036, open Monday to Saturday at 10 a.m.

Museo Arqueológico de Mazatlan/MUSAM: During the year this space (indoors and outdoors) hosts many different art exhibits and workshops. Located on Sixto Osuna# 76, kitty corner to Macaws. Closed Mondays, open from 9 a.m. 6 p.m. If you wish to call ahead, 669 981 1455

Museo de Arte: There are three galleries – one collection is in the Sala Antonio López Saenz. Changing exhibits are in both the Sala Roberto Perez Rubio, and Sala Carlos Bueno galleries. Cecilia Sánchez Duarte was appointed the new director in January 2017 and in just one year this wonderful space has come alive. [to view Cecilia’s own artwork] [During Semana Santa/Easter/Holy Week [dates vary each year] the Museo is open by appointment only – please call 669 163 0248. Due to misuse and disrespect of the bathrooms, they are no longer open to the public.

On Now : Photography Exhibit, Cuatro Ojos dos Mirados by Rubén Rivera and Miguel Angel Valencia @ Museo de Arte, Sala Carlos Bueno Salon, [Until July 5]

On Now:  Artist Gilberto Hulse’s exhibit: Lineas, sonidos, desfiguras [an homage to Roberto Pérez Rubio] ,in the Galeria Roberto Pérez Rubio.

On Now: Alwin Van der Heiden’s photography exhibit, La Cuenca:el origen del agua/the basin, the origin of water, mobile gallery – in the courtyard

The galleries are open Tuesday to Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The Museum is located on Sixto Osuna #71 and Venustiano Carranza, Centro. Call 985 3502 or 981 5592, the phone will be answered in Spanish. [ Cecilia ha hosted many videos on Artists Studios, have a look, you’d be surprised by the talent!]

Nidart, Libertad #45, 985 5991, leather masks, ceramics, jewellery, and much, much more. Open Monday to Saturday at 10 a.m. #17 on ArtWalk

Valladolid Gallery: It’s inside the Valladolid College, on Belisario Dominguez #53. Every month there is a different show – it ranges from group art shows, art installations to poetry readings. The gallery is open from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m to 6 p.m. and Saturdays from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.


Mazatlan Film and Theater at El Recreo is a not -for- profit community centre, located in Centro on Constitución #209. MF&T returns in the fall. Look for its calendar – it’s all here.