Mazatlan Bus Routes

The bus routes in Mazatlan do keep changing especially with the upcoming tourist fair, Tianguis, the city officials want to “protect” the Centro streets. Officials are proposing various changes to the routes in Centro as of February 2018 but they have not officially announced them. We know for sure there are no buses allowed on Olas Altas or Angel Flores.This appears to be the most current map but MazatlanLife can not promise 100% accuracy. Perhaps before you leave ask a local, ask at your hotel – locals and residents who take the bus for work would be able to confirm the routes for you. Reminder! Keep your ticket – inspectors randomly do hop-on and off the buses requesting you to produce it.


This map is only showing the six main bus routes. To get a PDF of the map above click here

To see a list of all bus routes in Mazatlan click here and then click on the individual routes to see a map. Some Spanish is helpful.