Introducing, Casa Lulu Boutique Hotel

By Sheila Madsen, October 2019

Pool area, notice the cactus fence and ocean view – it’s an ideal space for a delicious breakfast or sunset drinks.

Casa Lulu is a boutique hotel that quietly opened in December 2018. Quietly is the key word here as it’s truly an oasis in Mazatlan. It certainly ticks all the boxes that define a boutique hotel. It’s petit with nine rooms [all with gorgeous spacious ensuite bathrooms]; it’s intimate with a strong personality – Santa Fe desert meets contemporary ocean setting- giving it a modern vibe within a tranquil setting; it surprises and delights guests with unusual touches such as a huge bleached whale bone vertebra, white swinging rope hammocks, Acapulco string chairs, straw baskets that hold a single object d’art, large coffee table books, discreet lighting and soothing original wall textures.

Desert Room with balcony and ocean view.

Casa Lulu celebrates luxury and elegance with calming colours – white, off-white, beige and greys. Even the gravel paths outside follow the soft colour palette. You are in Mazatlan, but you are out of Mazatlan. The manager, Maria Carla Sera Fernandez and the owner Mario Toledo, were very careful to source and outfit the hotel with products produced in Mazatlan and in Mexico. The floor tiles are hand made in Guadalajara as are the organic soaps and shampoos in the bathrooms. The linens and bedding are from Dues Textil in the Marina, Mazatlan. The dishes and cutlery are from Mexico City. The round cream coloured tables are from Mazatlan Stone Art. All the wooden furniture [mini bar, end tables] are made locally.

Maria and Mario are high-school friends who have always shared an upscale vision for the hotel. The name came easily; it’s named after the woman who owned the family home, Lourdes, and her family all called her Lulu. Please tour the website and although a picture is worth a thousand words, seeing is believing. The rooms are even more lovely up close and personal. Stunning in their simplicity and comfort. I asked Maria what she thought of the rooms and she said “to die for.” No one is dying here, but you may just come alive as your daily stresses are washed away in the giant shower – it’s not a stall, there are no doors, it’s a room!

Manager Maria, relaxing in one of the common areas.

Guests are discovering and booking Casa Lulu; good news travels fast and even though it’s a niche market, rooms are being reserved quickly. Some will review Casa Lulu and say “what, no kids, no pets – I’m not going there.” Others will say, “this is exactly the atmosphere I desire – quiet, calm, elegant with endless ocean views.” If you are longing for a luxury oasis then I would suggest you stay with Lulu – she’s waiting for you.

[ Casa Lulu is located just off Zaragoza [one block from the Malecon] at José Maria, Iribarren, reserve by calling 669 688 2398, or e: reservations or visit the website: Casa Lulu is an adult only boutique hotel and no pets are permitted. The team has excellent massage and facial therapists who will come to your room. If you don’t feel like socializing by the pool for breakfast, there is room service you can arrange for the night before. The majority of the staff speak English. Casa Lulu is not handicap accessible. It’s about a 15 minute ocean-side walk to the Plazuela Machado and a ten minute drive to the Golden Zone. Go north, go south and you’ll find an abundance of great restaurants, and live music.]