Private Sellers Service

Got stuff to sell?
But you want to do it privately without the hassle of social media?
Meet Private Sellers Service.

By Sheila Madsen, March 2021

[Updated February 2022 – clients continue to be thrilled and appreciate Alejandra’s professional services.]

Seven years ago Alejandra Romero moved from Mexico City to Mazatlan. Being completely bilingual, she saw a market for people to sell their stuff privately without the hassle [never mind the endless comments] of social media. Alejandra is the direct bridge between the seller and the buyer.

I wanted to tell you about Private Sellers because friends of mine were renovating their condo – and through Alejandra they sold their concrete island, a faucet, a stove top, and even a kitchen sink. I couldn’t believe it – someone bought a faucet? Yes!

Here’s how a seller works with Alejandra. Send her pictures of the make, model, or if it’s a sofa, how old it is. Full disclosure – brand new, a few stains, paint a picture for her. Probably none of us know how much a seven-year old faucet will sell for -but Alejandra knows. She has created an exclusive network of people to sell to. She knows exactly who to target for clothes, jewelry, books, bar stools, dishwasher, doors, pots and pans, electronics, tiles, garden furniture and all fluffy things like home décor items. Alejandra told me “I take it all, and I will also tell you if you are asking too much money. If you want $2000 pesos I’ll try to sell it for that price but I may contact you and say I can sell it for $1000 pesos.”

Once Alejandra has found you a buyer/buyers you agree upon a time you will be home. The buyer arrives with the exact amount of pesos –  the price has been established and it’s not negotiable. The seller is not having to deal with a buyer who wants a “last minute better deal.” They buyer is responsible for the pickup. If it’s heavy, like a stove, that’s the buyer’s responsibility to take it away.

My friends reported that every single buyer arrived on time, they were professional, paid immediately and removed the items carefully and with respect.

Private Sellers Service is made for people who desire privacy and for all those odd items that you don’t know what to do with – and yes, even you can make a few pesos from a faucet.

[Alejandra Romero can be reached by phone or WhatsApp 669 196 4098, or via e mail: marla82@ Her 15% commission is rolled into the selling price, no hidden extras. The buyer pays the seller and the seller pays Alejandra. ]