Mazatlan Bandstand


Hear, here! The Mazatlan Bandstand was created to record live music in front of a live audience. The bands are recorded with the latest digital recording equipment to give you the most authentic experience – it’s almost like being there. Almost. Please listen with your headphones/earbuds, not on your phone or tablet/laptop speakers. The Bandstand will also give you the opportunity to select if you are in the mood for jazz, blues, ballads, reggae, rock ‘n roll or a good old fashioned cabaret show. The Bandstand library of music will grow during ‘the season’, as does our online THE FAIRLY ACCURATE DAILY MUSIC SCHEDULE.

The bands and musicians may come and go, but the bandstand can give you a sense of the kind of music Mazatlan offers. Even if a particular band may have split up or stopped playing.

The music beat of Mazatlan is impressive, perhaps the largest music community on Mexico’s pacific coast. All the music you’ll hear on the Bandstand is live music “almost free” Hear, here!

( A new section has been added below the live recordings – Provided Music Tracks – these have been recorded by the artist, and it will offer you a chance to hear the type of music they play. Please scroll down


Alexis Felix and Paloma Guerro recorded live at Veintocho Restaurant on Wednesday June 15, 2022.



La Cura recorded live in Gaia on Wednesday February 16, 2022

La Cura, Pedro Sarabia, sax and vocals, Karen Elena Zazueta, vocals. Gaia Bistrot, Wednesday February 16, 2022


Jay Burns recorded live at Life en Español in Centro Friday February 8, 2019


Kannon recorded live in Puerto Viejo on Friday April 11, 2014


Kannon has gigs almost every night and are popular hires for private events. Many fans consider them the best band in Mazatlan. You decide. Hiram Alcuraz, vocals acoustic guitar; Luis Estrada, drums; Angel Barrón, electric guitar; Sergio Martinez, bass guitar; Mario J. Hernandez, keyboard. Find them on the music schedule.


Kraken recorded live at Hotel Las Flores on Friday June 17, 2016

Leslie Lopez and her boy band have been playing in Mazatlan for years. Rock, soft rock, ballads, they do it all and boy can she belt it out! Leslie Lopez, vocals; Carlos Santos, guitar; Felo Romero, bass; Ramon Noriega percussion. Available for private gigs, give Leslie a call, 669 994 5815. You’ll find their gigs under the music schedule.

Los Cryps recorded at live La Bohemia on Saturday February 1, 2014


Los Cryps is a talented group of students who come together on the weekends to play 50s,60s,and 70s rock ‘n’ roll. Carlos Vázquez – vocals and guitar; Pablo Becerra – drums; Ricardo Vázquez – bass; Hugo Quevedo – guitar. They are generous, gracious and filled with energy that only twenty year olds can have! They play around, just check The Fairly Accurate Music Schedule.


Malavista S.C. recorded live at Pedro & Lola on Thursday November 7, 2019

Malavista S.C. specializes in Cuban and Latino sounds. They are a unique quartet offering a unique sound. Steven Silvestre, percussion; Madai Leiva, guitar and vocals [what a voice!]; Luis O., vocals and guitar, Jesus Garcia, bass. You’ll find them in Centro at various restaurants.


Mazazul recorded live at Patio Escobedo on Tuesday February 1, 2022

Phil Nevile, [keyboard and vocals]; Omar Rios, drums and Ignacio Chavez, guitar.


Rootsterford Reggae Band recorded live at Surf’s Up Cafe
on Saturday January 24, 2015

Roosterford 1

This reggae band play around town under different names (Los Brownies) depending on who in the group is playing. Julio Montero, vocals, guitar; Fabian Bustos, bass; Paul Diaz, drums; Mike Diaz, lead guitar; Gerardo Velarde, keyboards, Victor Osuna, piano, Abraham Vega, percussion and vocals; and Luis Morales, sax. You’ll find their gigs under the music schedule.

Suncai Gitano recorded live at Pedro & Lola on Saturday May 16, 2015

Suncai Gitano

Suncai Gitano (gypsy thoughts) perform traditional and new ballads with Mexican fire. Dario Avila, guitar; Manuel Rosete, guitar; Ana Elena Morales, vocals; Johann Abitia, percussion. You’ll find their gigs under the music schedule.


Tanya Carrum recorded live at Macaws on Saturday July 2, 2016

Tanya has been performing in Mazatlan for many years and prior to Mazatlan she was singing in Cancun. Welcome to Tanya’s cabaret show and you’ll find her gigs under the music schedule.


To be fair all the bands are listed in alphabetical order.


Provided Music Tracks

The following music tracks have been recorded and provided by the featured artist. You’ll find most of the groups in the music schedule.

Las Chelas


Beggars Banquet, BBE

Paloma, vocals; Juan, guitar and vocals; Santana, bass and vocals, Diego, lead guitar, Tyler, drums.

Cheryl Gaudet
Moccasin Blues

Mundo Sánchez

Rafael Rodriquez

Hotel California

Sergio Avila

The Brenster

A part of my heart.