Doctor on call – 24/7

By Sheila Madsen, updated January 2019.

Dr. Jorge[Due to a thriving business, in 2014 Dr. Jorge opened an office to serve his patients better. While he is indeed still a doctor-on-call, people are often more comfortable going to a professional office. All the details and prices are below.]

Dr. Jorge Garcia D’La Rosa is the first doctor in Mazatlan dedicating his medical practice to house calls, 24/7. Despite his lovely long Mexican name, his English is perfect. He’s a GP with 20 years of experience (MD graduate of Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara, license # 3449190) who has returned to Mazatlan from Mexico City. The good doctor has deep roots in the Mazatlan foreign community and has identified a need; when you are very sick what little Spanish you may have, escapes you and panic takes over. Dr. Jorge will alleviate that fear by coming to your house, your condo, your apartment. This is a doctor who truly cares about you and understands your concerns when you can’t stop vomiting, or you know, you can’t stop the other end.

Doctor on call – DOC 24/7 is a phone call away – 669 122 4705 from your cell phone, and if you are calling from your land line: 044 669 122 4705. If you simply want an annual physical he’ll do that, or if you have chest pains (or other weird symptoms) he has a portable EKG. He even has a machine that measures your bone density and a bunch of other important stuff. Think you have dengue? Then he’ll arrange the blood work. Think you have the flu or the famous “Mazatlan cough?” He’ll prescribe the correct antibiotic. He’s passionate about medicine and about helping people in pain. Dr. Jorge believes in follow-up – he’ll phone you just to make sure the treatment is working.

I was excited when Jorge told me he was returning to Mazatlan to start DOC 24/7. I could certainly relate to this much needed service. The first winter I was in Mazatlan I was so sick I could not leave my bed, that sick. Fortunately I have a husband, who went to Dr. Levid Torres Guzman’s clinic, and fortunately Dr. Levid Torres came to our apartment about four hours later. He had patients waiting and could not leave them. I thought I was going to die – we all do, when we don’t understand, say for instance, the joys of parasites!

So the other great service is: if you are alone, Dr. Jorge will arrange for a nurse or caregiver. If you need hospitalization he’ll arrange for that too and guide you through the process. Dr. Jorge Garcia D’La Rosa is your medical champion. He’s gifted, he’s talented, he’s experienced, but more than anything else he listens and asks questions. At that moment, you are his only patient.

DOC 24/7 charges $500 per office visit Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. If he makes a house call the price is $900. Reminder, these prices are all in pesos!  Isn’t it true that it’s usually on a Saturday night at 2 a.m. when we are hit with food poisoning or something else ghastly? Dr. Jorge Garcia D’La Rosa will be there with his portable medical office. Put this on speed dial: 669 122 4705. His office is located on Av. del Mar #80 (just north of the Aguamarina Hotel and north of a small Oxxo), walk up one flight of stairs – there is no elevator – turn right and it’s office #8, by appointment only.)

[SA April 4, 2020: I would like to express my appreciation for the warm and caring help I’ve been given while trying to help a friend who has been in the ICU in critical care at the Marina Hospital since 11 March. The staff has gone out of their way to facilitate a good long distance relationship with her family and friends while she was there alone in a coma for 2 weeks. Dr Jorge De La Rosa has to be the kindest and most patient health care worker I have ever dealt with in my entire life. After being at work all day he will end the night by responding to my emails at 10/11 pm and will take time on the phone to answer questions and reassure family and friends. He just spent 40 minutes talking with me. Who does that? We will never meet but thank you from the bottom of my heart!TH, Jan. 2019] We had friends here during the holidays and one of them caught a really bad cold so we rang Dr Jorge Garcia D’La Rosa on Saturday morning before Christmas. He answered immediately and came to our condo within an hour and fifteen minutes. He examined my friend and asked her a few questions and then he wrote out his treatment plan and prescriptions. He spoke perfect English and was extremely professional while being very personable. He only charged 900 pesos for a holiday weekend house call! I highly recommend him!

(April 2014, LB says this “ during a momentary lapse while we were chatting, my husband fell off his bike on the driveway and landed on his right shoulder which was already ‘tricky’. This was a Sunday night. He went into mild shock so I decided he needed to see a doctor. Dr. Jorge to the rescue! The doctor looked after my husband so well, even took him the next day to the Diagnostic Lab for X-rays and picked up the meds he needed. I have been singing Dr. Jorge’s praises every since!”)

(This is a testimonial from Lily on the forum WhatsUpMaz. org:”I just had a very positive experience with Doc 24/7. Dr. Jorge Garcia de la Rosa makes house calls as the name suggests, 24/7. I called during regular hours, Mon-Fri, 8am -7pm. Dr. Jorge said he would be at our house between 20-30 minutes and he was. He diagnosed me, drove me to the farmacia and went inside to see I got the right medication from the prescription, then came home and gave me an injection. This was all included in his regular 500 peso fee. I am to call him on Wednesday and let him know how I am doing, another nice touch. His English is excellent. I would highly recommend him.”)