Mazatlan Bus Routes

Updated November 2019: These maps are old but are the only ones available at the moment. Perhaps before you leave ask a local, ask at your hotel – locals and residents who take the bus for work would be able to confirm the routes for you. Reminder! Keep your ticket – inspectors randomly do hop-on and off the buses requesting you to produce it. And keep your ticket for a different reason too – if you happen to leave something on the bus you can call Alianza de Camiones, at 982 2287 – and it would be helpful if you had your ticket to refer to. Note that #6, La Gran Plaza route now goes to the Galerias Mall and beyond. It’s 12.5 pesos now for a bus with ac.


This map is only showing the six main bus routes. To get a PDF of the map above click here

November 2019: To see a dynamic map of all bus routes in Mazatlan click here and then click on the individual routes to see a map. Some Spanish is helpful.

This chart was complied in March 2024 by Jan and Cyndi Oster. Thank you for sharing!