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~Angela Peralta Theater~

The Angela Peralta Theater is located in Centro, on Carnaval in the Plazuela Machado. The box office is open Monday to Friday from 9 am. to 2 pm. and  4 pm. to 7pm. ; on Saturday 9 am. to 1 pm. Please call ahead to be sure – 669 982 4446 ext. 103. Expect to pay in pesos, cash. Depending on the concert, often credit cards are not accepted. Tickets for Casa Haas must be bought at the box office. Casa Haas is located on Mariano Escobedo [across from Héctor’s Bistro] at the corner of Heriberto Frias. There are about 70 comfy seats in Casa Haas, always general seating. Unfortunately, tickets can not be purchased online BUT now you can buy tickets through your WhatsApp. Here’s how: text this number 669 120 0020.; for instance, write “two tickets for November 20, 2023 and you will get a text back – please note, all communication is in Spanish-[“Hola. Bienvenido a la Taquilla Digital de Cultura Mazatlán. En breve estaremos contigo.Te invitamos a conocer algunos términos y condiciones de nuestro servicio.La Taquilla Digital vende y distribuye boletos únicamente para los eventos organizados por el Instituto de Cultura de Mazatlán.* Solo se aceptan transferencias o depósitos.Más Términos y condiciones del servicio aquí:″]

 Saturday June 22: Ballet: La Bella Durmiente/Sleeping Beauty, Compańia Ballet de Mazatlan and Escuela de Ballet Clásico Teatro. “The story of the Ballet “Sleeping Beauty” is based on the tale of the same name written by Charles Perrault and the Brothers Grimm, the music was composed by P.I. Tchaikovsky.  As in the story, Princess Aurora is bewitched and falls into a deep sleep until the prince wakes her up with a kiss of love. This work is known in the world of dance as “The Wedding of Aurora” and the production is a suite that collects all these passages from Sleeping Beauty. In this version the dance is narrated from the birth of Aurora, the fifteenth years of Aurora, the curse of Maleficent, the awakening with the kiss of the Prince, and the Wedding where some characters from children’s stories attend. Leading dancers  are Regina Valencia and Judith Bolovoy, having studied 9 years at the Municipal School of Dance.  The scenography is by Víctor Carrizales, the costumes are in charge of the Costume Coordination of the Institute of Culture, Tourism and Art of Mazatlan coordinated by Elisa Espinosa. In the musical part, the Camerata Mazatlán directed by maestro Enrique Patrón de Rueda participates. 8 pm, $200 – $350.

Friday June 28 and Saturday June 29: Opera, Donizetti’s, El elixir de amor.  “The cast is made up of some of the best opera singers – Carlos Velázquez, Mariana Ruvalcaba, Daniel Gallegos, Rodrigo Urrutia and Susan Samudio. The Camerata Mazatlán directed by maestro Sergio Freeman will provide the musical base along with the Ángela Peralta choir. It is an unusual story set in a madhouse, and for the character Nemorino. “Elixir of Love” speaks of fundamental and universal themes such as love, passion, power, confrontation, jealousy and power that are reflected in all human beings [sometimes going “mad” with love]  which is why the plot is set a psychiatric hospital. Carlos Velázquez said he was proud of his operatic training in Sinaloa, highlighting that “Elixir de Amor” is an inclusive opera. He considers that it is a risky production, but that this is something that is done now worldwide. The soprano Susan Samudio and the tenor José Álvarez Torres come from Panama for this staging and there will be more than 50 artists in this production. “ 8 pm. $320 – $450

Wednesday July 3: Contemporary Dance, Graduating student from EPDM -Escuela Profesional de Danza de Mazatlán. [EPDM  is Mazatlan’s four-year arts/dance program where a few talented graduates will become part of the award-winning Delfos Dance Company.] perform various dance vignettes, Always creative. 8 pm. Price to be confirmed.

Friday October 11 and Saturday October 12: Opera, Verdi’s, Rigoletto. All details to follow. 8 pm.

~Around Town~


[Occasionally closed during “high holidays”, rain, or due to road detours for various parades etc. Please have small change in pesos and a carrier bag.]


Open every day: El Mercado Pino Suárez, food stalls can be as early as 7:30 am – 8 am, souvenir stalls open around 10:30-11 am. Market begins to slow down, many begin to close around 4:30 pm. In Centro, Benito Juarez, Aquiles Serdan, Melchor Ocampo. [closes early on important holidays like Christmas, Easter etc.]


Open every day: Mercado Juan Carrasco, all food, opens around 8 am. and some vendors close at 2 pm. It depends on the stall. Ave. Gutiérrez Nájera [north of the Fisherman’s Monument.] [closes early on important holidays like Christmas, Easter etc.]


Open every day: Mercado de la Juarez , also called Hildago Mercado and not to be confused with the Sunday Juarez Flea Market. This market is HUGE, blocks and blocks and some stalls open as early as 5 am. but to be safe, go around 8 am. A few souvenir and spice shops but mostly food. Weekdays some stalls stay open until 7 pm, on the weekend most stalls are closed by 2 pm. Located in the Juarez area, Enrique Pérez Arce. [closes early on important holiday like Christmas, Easter etc.,]


Thursdays: Danzón in la Plazuela Zaragoza – every age group is invited, music provided and some chairs. Afternoon delight to watch couples of all ages dancing. 5 pm. to 7 pm.


Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Sunday: year round, in Centro’s Plazuela Machado from 6 pm. on. Art, crafts, shawls, jewelry, hats, flip flops, t shirts, lotions and potions.


Saturdays: The Golden Zone Market Charity Group, from 9 am. to noon, at Taco Time patio beside the Vineyard Church, Sabalo #333.  Summer has reduced the number of  vendors however, there is still  “a healthy mix of expats, Mexicans, Polish, Scottish, Ukrainians” – baked goods, jewelry, art, plants, natural remedies etc. A portion of your pesos will flow to a charity of your choice – last season, 38,000 pesos were donated by the generous vendors.


Saturday June 22: Gay Pride, LGBTTIQ+ Day. The parade, with 15 floats, music and many artists, starts at 5 pm. in the Glorieta Sánchez Taboada [cliff divers square] and goes north to Valentino’s and finishes with the queen crowning at Play Pacifico. The malecon closes around 3 pm.

Saturday June 22: Movie, Hojas de Otoño [ in Finish with Spanish subtitles], @ CMA, Centro Municipal de las Artes – Carnaval and Machado, 6 pm, limited seating, free.

Thursday June 27: Group Art Exhibits, Delirio de una Identidad, Fragmentos de una obra que jamás será escrita and Contrastes,@ Casa Haas, students group show, 7 pm. Free, everyone is welcome.

Thursday June 27: Concert, Latin Show @ Agatha Kitchen Bar, $250 includes the live music, and one exotic cocktail. Call 669 990 3202 or WA 669 149 6111 to reserve.

Friday June 28: Movie, Geroge Michael XXX, @ CMA, [Carnaval and Machado], 7 pm. free. The film is in Spanish. “The arrest of singer George Michael in Los Angeles for having sex with another man in a public toilet – on April 8, 1998 – went around the world and inspired the creation of “George Michael XXX”, an erotic and transgressive show that will be screened on at the Cinematograph of the Municipal Center for the Arts. The dancers of Delfos Danza Contemporánea participate: Johnny Millán, Xitlali Piña, Karla Núñez, Surasí Lavalle, Daniel Marín, Jonathan Alavés and Diego Alcalá and the guest dancers: María José Gómez Mejía, Ana Lucía Humarán, Sergio Zepeda, Ernesto Crespo and Raúl Rodríguez.”

Saturday June 29: Play, in Spanish, Marinos, The Almost Musical @ Museo de Arte, 6 pm., $200. Tickets are available at the Museo [Sixto Osuna and Venustania Carranza] Monday to Friday from 9 pm. – 3 pm. The play is directed by Christhian Rodriquez and tells the story of six men who live under the male and female homophobic regime of the Navy. The men take a few vacation days to enjoy Mazatlan’s Carnaval – hilarity ensues.

Wednesday July 3: Concert, Percusiones de Mazatlan @ Casa Haas, 7 pm, price to be confirmed, but remember you need to purchase your ticket at the Angela Peralta box office.

Thursday July 4: Celebrate Independence Day @ Lucky B’s, 4 pm. to 7 pm, , live music with KraKen, $200, hamburgers and hot dogs, games, prizes, raffles.

Friday July 14: Guerra de Bandas, Brownies vs Roots @ Barra al Mar, 4 pm. – 10 pm, $50 cover, call to reserve, 669 164 5141

Friday July 19: Concert, Anhelo with Joaquin Sillero and Manuel Salas @ Casa Haas 7 pm, price to be confirmed, but remember you need to purchase your ticket at the Angela Peralta box office.

Sunday  September 15:El Grito, Independence Day, the evening.Mexico celebrates 214 years of independence.  El Grito, the cry of independence, is led by Mazatlan’s acting Mayor, Edgar González Zatarain [Estrella Palacios was voted in as the new mayor in June but not yet in office.] in Centro’s Plazuela Republica. against the Spanish colonial rule after 300 years. Today, the mayor calls out something relevant to the history, and the crowd yells VIVA! If you decide to join this celebration you’ll be safe responding with two words: Viva Mexico! While the Grito starts close to midnight the music begins around 6 pm. It’s always an evening of celebration – with Cultura offering many musical  and dance performances ending with a fabulous display of fireworks. Organizers are hinting at additional celebrations at the remodelled Museo de la Casa del Marino and at the new deer monument – at Doctor Carlos Canseco and Atlántico. [in 2023 4,500 people were celebrating in the Plazuela Repulica.]Monday September 16th “is the real date of Mexican independence” and is a national holiday.

Thursday February 27 to Tuesday March 4: Carnaval 2025.



 It’s summer in the city and it’s the rainy season – be sure to call ahead and confirm that your band is playing there – as musicians move around – and some nights they are playing for private gigs.  Many of your groups are on The Bandstand, please click here to listen

 Darrell Barr, Lucky B’s, 4 pm. – 7 pm.♦ Los Bandits, La Catrina  6:30 pm. ♦ These Guys, 28,/Veintocho, 7 pm♦ La Cura  [Pedro Sarabia, sax and vocals,Karen Zazueta vocals, romantic duo, pop and ballads, English and Spanish, have a listen], Gaia Bistrot, 7;30 pm.♦ Reggae, La Cerve del Mal Olas Altas, 7:30 pm.♦ Los Ruckers [groups change every week] Azul Cantina Fina, 8 pm. ♦ Kannon [hard r ‘n r heavy metal], GusGus GZ, 8:30 pm.

Madai Leyva with Canek, live @ Alto Fuego.


  [Brenster’s Beach Bash, since 2009, returns November 5. To read more about the Brenster please click here.]♦ Abraxas, [six piece R&B, soul, blues, funk] Paloma Guerrero [vocals], Alexis Felix,[guitar, vocals], Jose Felix [drums], Luisso Felix [bass], Eduardo Dueñas [keyboard], 5 pm – 8 pm, Lucky B’s. ♦ Manhatlan [country, rock, and dance music] Fisherman’s Landing, 4 pm – 7 pm. ♦ Los Bandits, Friends Diner, 6 pm.♦ Trio, Lori, Omar, Dario, Patio Escobedo, 6:30 pm. ♦ Live Music/ Azul Cantina, 6 pm ♦ KraKen, [have listen], La Catrina, 6:30.♦ Rafael Rodriquez [to read more about Rafael -romantic ballads, English and Spanish, have a listen] La Palapa Restaurant , Hotel Torres, 6 9 pm.♦ The Laheys, Veintiocho/28, 7 pm. The Magical Sax, [ Sergio Avila, read a profile please click here.] Vaiggio Resort, 8 pm.♦ Kannon [hard r ‘n r heavy metal], GusGus GZ, 8:30 pm


 Shynox Paz & Gil Tapia, Fisherman’s Mazatlan, 5 pm. ♦ Rafael Rodriquez [to read more about Rafael -romantic ballads, English and Spanish, have a listen] La Palapa Restaurant ,Hotel Torres, 6 pm. to 9 pm.♦ Tenor Ezequiel Ojeda, F.I.S.H., 6 pm.Suncai Gitano,[ Ana Elena voice; Dario, guitar; Manuel, guitar; Johann percusión] [have listen] Patio Escobedo, 6:30 pm.♦   ♦ The Laheys, Friends Diner, 7 pm.♦ Manhatlan [country, rock], Veintocho/28, 7 pm. ♦ Rex Full Band [ r ‘n roll, have a listen],Lucky B’s/ Pinup’s, 7 pm. Hammer, Legends BFD, 7 pm.♦ Live Music, Azul Cantina, 7:30 pm.♦ Canto Latino  – Joe Sol, Carlos Arujo, La Marea, 8 pm. ♦  Kannon [r ‘n roll], Gus Gus, 8:30 pm ♦ Live music,Cheers Restobar, 9:00 p.m. ♦ La Rezaka, [hard rock]Pacific Food Park, 9 pm.



♦ Kannon [r ‘n r], El Velero, Stone Island, 2:30 pm.  ♦ Rex Duo, Freddy and Brandon Pinzón, Toledo Marisqueria Tradicional [Machado], 3 pm to 6 pm..♦ Los Stones, Lucky B’s, Pinups, 3 pm. ♦ SNR Darrell Barr, Austin BBQ 5 pm.- 8 pm.Byron Johnson, Fat Fish, 5 pm. ♦ Greentails, [pop, reggae], Fisherman’s Mazatlan, 5 pm. – 8 pm. ♦ Don Gato, inside the Hotel Siesta [Olas Altas], 6:30 pmRafael Rodriquez[ to read more about Rafael -romantic ballads, English and Spanish, have a listen] Kelly’s, Hotel Pueblo Bonito Emerald Bay, 6:30 pm♦ Madai Leyva, [vocals and guitar], Patio Escobedo, 7 pm..♦ Live music [ Gregorio O’Brady [vocals,guitar and Philippe Pavula [sax]], Pedro y Lola, 8 pm. ♦ Manhatlan,[classic rock and latin music] La Catrina, 8:30 pm. ♦ Los Cryps [oldies, goldies, have a listen], El Cielo [Machado], 7 pm. ♦ Kraken [pop, rock, have a listen] Pinup’s/Lucky B’s, 7 pm.♦ Rex Rocks, Legends BFD, 8 pm.♦ La Cura  [Pedro Sarabia, sax and vocals, Karen Zazueta vocals, English and Spanish ballads, have a listen.], Gaia Bistrot and Casa de Cannobio, 8 pm. ♦ The Runners [pop funk] Habitat 180, 8 pm. Kamaleon [ r ‘n r], Gus Gus GZ, 8:30 pm.♦ Shynox Paz,& Gil Tapia [ rock,pop] La G del Gato, Machado, 9 pm.♦ The Laheys, Cerveceria 3 Islas [Delfin], 7 pm.Adagio [if not them, other live music], Cheers Restobar, 9:30 pm. ♦ La Rezaka [hard rock], Joe’s Oyster Bar, 10 pm.

 Kannon [r ‘n r], Legends BFD, 3 pm. – 6 pm.]♦ Los Bandits, La Catrina, 5 pm.♦ These Guys, 28 /Veintocho, 7 pm.  ♦ Dimond Street NY Jazz: Mariana Pamplona [vocals], Samuel [vocals, trombone, guitar] & Miguel [clarinet],Edgar Ryes, [drums] Patio Escobedo, 7 pm. ♦ Manhatlan Toledo’s [Machado],8 pm.Abraxas, [ [six piece R&B, soul, blues, funk- Paloma Guerrero, vocals, Alexis Felix,guitar, vocals, Jose Felix drums, Luisso Felix bass, Eduardo Dueñas keyboard] Azul Cantina, 6:30 pm. Rex Rocks, [have a listen] Lucky B’s, 8 pm. ♦ La Roots/Los Brownies [reggae], La Cerve del Mal Olas Altas, 8 pm. ♦ Los Cryps [oldies, goldies, have a listen], El Cielo [Machado], 7 pm ♦ Rafael Rodriquez, [to read more about Rafael – romantic ballads, English and Spanish, have a listen] Gaia Bistrot and Casa de Cannobio, 7:30 pm..♦Don Gato Rock Band, Rub BBQ, Olas Altas 8 pm.♦ Galia, Pedro y Lola, 8:30 pm. ♦ The Stones, Legends BFD, 8 pm.♦  KraKen, La Catrina, 9 pm.Kamaleon [ r ‘n r], Gus Gus GZ, 8:30 pm  ♦ Shynox Paz, Gil Tapia[rock & pop], La G del Gato, Marina, 9 pm. ♦ Duoz, La G Del Gato Machado, 9 pm.♦ Neptuno, La G del Gato, Olas Altas, 9 pm. ♦ The Laheys, Bichola Sport Bar, 9 pm.♦ Kannon [ r ‘n r], Riu, 9 pm. ♦La Rezaka, [hard r ‘n r]Cheers, Restobar 10 pm♦ Live music [varies], La Tentación, 9 pm♦ Kannon, [‘r ‘n roll], Riu, 9 pm..♦ Live Mariachi, Capitolio [Sabalo #1705 in front of Pubelo Bonito, reserve, 669 247 6975], 10 pm.

KraKen [r ‘n r, pop], Barra al Mar, 4 pm.♦ Manhatlan [country rock], Fishermans, 4 pm.♦ Jay Burns [“one man band”, have a listen] La Catrina, 5 pm.♦ Los Stones, Austin BBQ, 5 pm.♦ Snr Darrell Barr, Que Pasa, 2 pm  ♦ Los Bandits, Austin BBQ, 6 pm ♦Benito, Chuy, Dave,]Macaws, 6:30 pm. ♦Rafael Rodriquez [ to read more about Rafael -romantic ballads, English and Spanish, have a listen] Kelly’s, Hotel Pueblo Bonito Emerald Bay, 7 pm.♦ Live Music [varies], Azul Cantina, 7 pm.♦ The Laheys Acoustic Set, Cerveceria 3 Islas [Aleman], 7 pm.♦ Live music, varies, Raices [Plazuela Machado] 7:30 ♦ Mr. Rio Veintiocho/28, 7 pm. ♦ Rex Rocks, Legends BFD, 8 pm. ♦ Los Cryps  [oldies, Beatles, have a listen] Gaia Bistrot and Casa Cannobio, 8 pm. KraKen, Pinup’s, 8 pm.♦ Galia [varies] Pedro y Lola, 8;30 pm.♦ Don Gato, Los Zarapes, 8:30 pm. ♦ Kamaleon, [r ‘n r] Gus Gus GZ, 8:30 pm. ♦Shynox Paz,Gil Tapia [rock & pop], La G del Gato, Marina, 9 pm.♦ Duoz, La G Del Gato Machado, 9 pm.♦ Neptuno, La G del Gato, Olas Altas, 9 pm. ♦The Stones, Bichola Sport Bar, 9 pm.  ♦ Live music [varies], Azul Catina Fina, 9 p.m.♦Live music [varies] often Manhatlan, La Catrina, 9:30 pm.♦ La Rezaka [hard r ‘n r], Cheers Restobar, 10 pm.♦ Live Mariachi, Capitolio [Sabalo #1705 in front of Pubelo Bonito, reserve, 669 247 6975], 10 pm.



 Manhatlan [country, rock] Los Arbolitos, 9 am – 1 pm..♦ La Roots [reggae], BAM, 3 pm. ♦ KraKen,Sunday/Funday Pinup’s/LuckyB’s, 3 pm. Rex Unplugged, Veintiocho/28, 6 pm.♦ Las Chelas [girl band, have a listen] Raices [Plazuela Machado] 6:30 ♦ Sergio Avila [sax], Agatha’s, 7 pm. ♦ Live Music Pedro y Lola, 7:30 pm. Rafael Rodriquez [to read more about Rafael – troubadour, ballads, romantic songs in English and Spanish, have a listen], Gaia Bistrot and Casa de Cannobio, 7pm. Canto Latino  – Joe Sol, Carlos Arujo, La Marea, 8 pm.♦The Stones, Legends BFD, 8 pm.  Kamaleon, [ r ‘n r] Gus Gus GZ, 8:30 pm.♦ Shynox Paz & Gil Tapia [rock & pop], La G Del Gato, Machado, 9 pm.♦ La Rezaka [hard r ‘n r], Cheers Restobar, 10 pm.♦  


Angela Peralta Theatre Galleries: There are two galleries; the upstairs gallery above the theatre is referred to as the Galeria Angela Peralta and hosts revolving shows as does the downstairs in the gallery, Galeria Rubio. Open week days from 9 am. to 6 pm. but sometimes can be closed due to private events.

Casa Etnika, Benito Juarez #1218, 136 0139, open Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm. Filled with clothes, toys, handicrafts, original art, glass, jewellery, they have it all.

Centro Cultural Made, Miquel Aleman #927 [almost at the docks], open Monday to Saturday from 5 pm. to 8 pm. The hours reflect this is a not-for-profit gallery. Made is owned and operated by three artists: Cristiano Gabrielli [he has the Italian influence], Vanya Saavedra [dancer for Delfos] and Germán Torres. Call 669 129 1683.

Centro Cultural Univeristario: it’s on Rosales, between Melchor Ocampo and Leandro Valle. A huge white building, with many rooms, patios and outdoor spaces. The famous Mazatleco artist, Antonio López Saenz has his own exhibit room there, filled with drawings, paintings and a few sculptures. It’s open to the public, Monday to Friday from 9 am. to 5 pm. and is part of the Universidad Autónoma de Sinaloa. It’s a little out of the way but the space and the views of the city are worth seeing as well as Antonio’s wonderful work.

Gandarva Bazar, Constitución #616, 136 0665, open Monday to Saturday at 10 am.

La Roosevelt:  The art gallery is closed until November 2024 – however,  you may want to eat or drink: Mawe Vegan Restaurant, closed Tuesdays, 8 am. 10 pm.; Maree Crepes & Coffee, Closed Tuesdays, 10 am. to 10 pm. and The Beer Company, closed Mondays and Tuesdays, open from 5 pm.- 12:00 am..  If you wish to phone ahead, 669 315 1283. On Roosevelt #309 at Carnaval. To learn more about La Roosevelt please click here.

Mind Your Head Gallery, [opened in July 2021], also known as, Región Trópico, on Carnaval #1511 [just north of Angle Flores], a contemporary art gallery. With the pandemic the gallery MAY be open Thursdays and Friday from 4 pm. to 7 pm. and on Saturdays from 4 pm. to 10 pm. You are invited to call 669 148 0898 to make an appointment – some Spanish will be required.

Museo Arqueológico de Mazatlan/MUSAM: Closed Mondays, open from 10 am. tto 5 pm., small $75 fee. Two exhibit rooms. Located on Sixto Osuna# 76, kitty corner to Macaws.

Museo de Arte:  The Museum is located on Sixto Osuna #71 and Venustiano Carranza, Centro. Call 669 985 3502 or 669 981 5592, the phone will be answered in Spanish.The Museo is open Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am. to 4 pm. Closed Mondays.

Nidart, Libertad #45, 985 5991, leather masks, ceramics, jewellery, and much, much more. Open Monday to Saturday at 10 am. #17 on ArtWalk

Point Galeria, open Tuesday to Saturday from 10 am. to 1 pm, and from 4 pm. to 7 pm, Sixto Osuna #61, 669 139 0939. “Un espacio de y para el arte/a place of and for art.”


Mazatlan Film and Theater at El Recreo is a not -for- profit community centre, located in Centro on Constitución #209. and will return in October –  when it returns, be sure to stay current by visiting,