Antonio López Saenz Interview

Antonio López Saenz was born in Mazatlan in 1936. He is perhaps Sinaloa’s most famous living artist and sculptor. He graciously agreed to an interview with the host of Artists Studios, Cecilia Sánchez Duarte. Of course this is not the first time Maestro has been interviewed, but it is the first time he’s allowed his originals to be reproduced digitally, or via giclee printing. All under the watchful marketing eye of his nephew, Victor Manuel López de la Paz. The artist spoke to Cecilia about his early life (he left Mazatlan for Mexico City when he was 15) and the great masters who influenced him. He also gives advice to all young artists: travel, be open, surround yourself with culture, and keep on being inspired. Antonio López Saenz still paints every single day. The conversation between Antonio and Cecilia is so warm, intimate and animated that to distill a section of it into English would be like ripping a finished canvass in half. This dialogue must remain whole. Besides, his work does not require a translation, it flows directly to your heart.