ArtTalks – an intimate introduction to the Mazatlan art community.

Welcome to ArtTalks where artist, Cecilia Sánchez Duarte, invites you to experience all the wonderful art that Mazatlan has to offer. You may think of Mazatlan as having beaches, sun, tasty food and important Mexican traditions, but Mazatlan is also home to some of the best artists in Mexico.

ArtTalksCecilia is the former director of the Museo de Arte. She’s a respected and famous artist not only in Mexico, but in Canada and the United States. She delights in sharing her knowledge of art and most likely knows the artists personally. Cecilia doesn’t lecture you; she inspires you to look at art in a different way. It’s an up close and personal experience – truly an art appreciation experience.

You will visit several galleries – the diversity of styles will amaze you – some you will love, some you will say “I don’t get it” – but you’ll leave your intimate ArtTalks with a different perspective. It’s not often that a famous artist offers to open your eyes to other artists. Cecilia is unique; she wants to share her art knowledge with you – and you may just get different glimpse of Mazatlan. It’s an exciting and enlightening art exploration from 10 am. to 12:00 on Fridays and Saturdays.

How to reserve:
For more information and to reserve your ArtTalks please contact Cecilia via e mail:, or WhatsApp, 669 163 0248. You can then discuss if you wish to pay cash, $800 pesos, a wire transfer or through her PayPal account. Please indicate if you want your ArtTalks experience in English, Spanish or French. You will be walking to various galleries, it’s minimal, but if you have hip or knee issues consider you’ll be standing for about 2 hours. It’s recommended you wear a hat, bring sunscreen and water. Face masks continue to be mandatory.

 Art Talks is : on Fridays or Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 12:00.  Minimum groups are for five people, maximum for ten people. Please book 24 hours in advance.

 Where to meet:
For 10 a.m. – please meet at 9:30 a.m. at the coffee shop Looney Bean on Olas Altas.  If you didn’t pay by PayPal or a wire transfer, please have $800 pesos in the exact change.

Feeling creative? How about a printmaking class.
Perhaps an art appreciation class is not for you. Perhaps you’d like to experience a  print making class with Cecilia in her private studio. A white T shirt is provided and you choose your image created by a local artist, ink it and see how the woodblock printing press works as you transfer the image onto your T shirt. There’s nothing better than a hands-on experience with a talented artist and you leave ArtTalks with an original gift. Creating more valuable Mazatlan memories.

The printmaking classes are $800 pesos and take place in El Cid. Cecilia offers one class only on Saturdays from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. All the contact information is above and please indicate if you wish your class to be in English, Spanish or French.

[Although born in Mexico City, Cecilia has lived in Mazatlan for the past 20 years. Cecilia is a member of the prestigious gallery, Salón de La Plástica in Mexico City; currently her work is hanging in La Peña Austin, Texas and in San Francisco California. She’s one of Mazatlan’s most talented and generous artists. She’s exhibited in 300 group shows and 17 solo shows. Art is her passion -to the extent Cecilia taught art to dancers from Delfos for many years and loves giving art classes to young children. If you would like to know more about Cecilia and her work please click here – Cecilia invites you into her studio. Artists Studio contains 7 other artist videos if you are interested. These videos are in English.]

“Live your wonderful experience, we want you to return”