Peter Greenberg Worldwide – Mazatlan, Mexico, April 28, 2018


Peter Greenberg’s radio show is two hours and it’s all about his recent visits to Mazatlan. He’s enthusiastic and loves Mazatlan BUT he’s clearly frustrated by the messaging of U.S. State Department advisories throughout Mexico. If you don’t wish to listen to all two hours, [Peter is very entertaining] here are some local expats and Mexican VIPs he interviewed: start playing and move the bar to the time indicated in brackets. Quirino Ordaz Coppel [1:25:00], Governor of Sinaloa; Enrique de la Madrid [0:10:34], Mexico Secretary of Tourism; Daniel Lamarre [0:31:46], President and CEO of Cirque de Soleil; Nancy and Lloyd Goldstein [0:42:55] US Expats & administration for Mazatlan My City; Sheila Madsen [0:57:01], Canadian Expat & Owner and Publisher of MazatlanLife; Cecilia Sánchez Duarte [1:09:00] , Director of Mazatlan’s Museo de Arte; Simon Lynds [1:16:00] , Founder of Mazatlan My City and Advisor for the Venados baseball team; Raul Rico [1:39:00], Director of the Cultural Center, Cultura, of Mazatlan; Diego Becerra [1:46:00] Chef at El Presidio.

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