My Mexican Moments: Prologue


My Mexican Moments was written between December 2008 and February 2011. The editing process took place in the summer of 2013. A note on style: All Mexican and other states and cities are consistently in English; I have not included the accents. For instance, if I were in Copenhagen, and I launched CopenhagenLife, that’s what it would be called; not KøbenhavnLife. People’s names, streets, buildings and everything else have accents, except for the Malecon. It really should be malecón, and there is not a reason in the world why it takes an upper case m, or why I dropped the accent. It’s a five- year goof and I’ll continue to maintain the error.

Imagine waking up one morning as one of those newly retired people and realizing that you are able to go anywhere you want in the world. Once the Madsens decide the seaside town of Mazatlan is going to be where they want to put down roots, the adventure begins. My Mexican Moments chronicles their moving challenges from Toronto, dealing with having a condo built from scratch (and where to live in the meantime), various travel escapades and so much more. Madsen shares insights into many things, such as the superior health care system, how Mexicans are not all lazy like that horrid stereotype and various celebrations. You will be immersed in Mexican culture and given vivid glimpses into personalities that will make you want to hop a plane and visit immediately. Part memoir, part travel guide, you will laugh, learn and fall in love with the people and the culture.

Dedication: To Soren Martinus Madsen, mi vida. What’s next?

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