Semana Santa Map 300x274 HighlightsThis map from Noroeste indicates the new routes during Semana Santa – Wednesday April 16 in the afternoon to Sunday April 20, afternoon. Note that Camaron Sábalo is the only change and you are able to wind your way through the gated community of El Cid. Also note that the “bandódromo” music  will close down Olas Altas from 8 p.m. to 4 a.m. from April 16-19.

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Wednesday April 16,  2014

The Short List

Wednesday: Kannon, La Canoa, 2 p.m.♦ dj DOC, Diego’s, 3 p.m. ♦ Cheryl Gaudet, 6 p.m. The Jonathon ♦ Sway, Macaws, 6:30 p.m. ♦ Exilios, El Roots, 8 p.m. ♦ Adiccion, Baja Style, 8 p.m. ♦ Lo Que Cantamos Las Mujeres, La Bohemia, 10:30 p.m.Thursday: Té Para Dos (oldies, r & r), Surf’s Up, 12:30 p.m.♦ dj Future Feelings,Diego’s, 3 p.m. ♦ official start of Semana Santa, anything goes with the music scene, call ahead ♦ Malayerba, El Roots, 8 p.m.♦ Grupo Con Cuerdas, Baja Style, 8 p.m. Friday: dj Rocco Disentis, Diego’s, 3 p.m. ♦ Cheryl Gaudet, The Jonathon, 6 p.m. ♦ Semana Santa continues and the music is everywhere, call ahead ♦ La Regadera Electrica, Diego’s, 7 p.m. ♦ ZAZ!, Baja Style, 9 p.m. Saturday: Rootsterford, Surf’s Up., 1 p.m. ♦ height of Semana Santa, find your music ♦ dj Iñigo Vontier, Diego’s, 3 p.m.♦ dj Don Shak, Baja Style, 9 p.m. Sunday: dj White Ressonance,  Diego’s 3 p.m. ♦ La Regadera Electrica, Diego’s, 7 p.m. ♦ ZAZ! Baja Style, 8 p.m. Monday:  Kannon, La Canoa, 2 p.m. ♦ Sunset Blues, La Chupiteria, 6 p.m. 


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moto1 HighlightsSemana de la Moto/MotoWeek, April 23-27.


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